We recommend that servicing is done on an annual basis, or more frequently if used extensively.

It is best to have annual servicing done between September – February as there is less need to use the equipment during these months. We will let you know when a service is next due.

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As all machinery and manufacturers have different service procedures and it is impossible to detail all of them but in general this is what is involved in a service:

Oil change, all filters changed, new spark plug (set gap), valve clearances checked, leak down test, air vanes cleaned, governor system, top no load speed, idle speed checked and adjusted, drive system, cables and controls checked, adjusted, and lubricated belts checked and adjusted, machine inspected for broken or loose parts, all moving parts lubricated where applicable, electrical system checked and adjusted, blade sharpened and balanced (rotary lawnmowers only) all parts tested for correct operation and adjusted, machine tested under load.

Machines will be adjusted to manufacturer’s specified tolerances for torque, speed and clearances as specified in the appropriate service literature.

We service other outdoor power equipment.